Frequently Asked Questions


Why did Boulart choose the Non-GMO project certification?

The Non-GMO project is the only organization that offers independent verification of testing and GMO controls for products in the U.S. and in Canada. It is the best way to scientifically and legally claim that the ingredients that we use in our products contain no GMOs.

Why did Boulart decide to get the non-GMO stamp?

At Boulart, we've always taken great pride in putting only the purest and best ingredients in our products. We have always been non-GMO, but, as our brand grew, we decided to obtain the certification from a third party in order to be transparent with our customers and business partners.

What did Boulart have to change to secure this certification?

We didn’t have to change anything at all. As mentioned before, we have always used the purest ingredients and have always been non-GMO. We now have the certification to prove it and there are no added costs because we have been conscious from the get-go.

Are Boulart breads Vegan friendly?

At Boulart, we use only the purest ingredients, and our original flavour has just 5 simple ingredients: water, flour, yeast, malted barley and sea salt. With the exception of our Apple Cinnamon Loaf, all of our breads are certified.

Do your products contain nuts?

In our facility, we use walnuts and hazelnuts to make our Raisin & Walnut and Raisin, Hazelnut & Honey flavors (please see below for a complete list of allergens). We produce our breads containing allergens toward the end of the week to ensure that we avoid any cross-contamination of other products by allergens. After these productions, the line is completely sanitized and inspected by our quality control team to ensure that it is clean for the next production. We don’t use any peanuts or any derivatives in any part of our facility but have not requested peanut-free certification. Therefore, even though the risk is low, we must include this allergen statement for all our products. To protect those who are seriously allergic, we cannot guarantee our products are peanut free.

What allergens are used in the factory?

All our breads contain wheat and barley. Other allergens can also be found in specific flavors and may be in contact with our other products:

- Our Whole Grain flavors contain sesame seeds
- Our Cranberry & Chocolate flavor contains soy from the dark chocolate

If you need more information regarding allergens and ingredients, feel free to reach out to us at

Are Boulart breads Kosher?

Boulart products are Parve certified, meaning they contain no dairy or meat ingredients.

Do you have any gluten-free products?

Unfortunately, Boulart doesn’t offer gluten-free bread. Gluten is such a big part of what makes our bread so wonderful. We have tried to work without it, but we feel other bakeries are better equipped than we are.

Can I purchase directly from you when my supermarket informs me that they’ve run out of stock?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding us! At this time, we only sell wholesale through supermarkets, food services and distributors. We’d love for you to contact us so we can get in touch with your local store and make sure our bread is available for you at all times!

I’m looking for a product that you show on your website, but can’t seem to find at my local grocery store.

While we do have a large variety of breads available in all sorts of delicious flavors, your retailer might not necessarily carry the exact product you are looking for. We’d love for you to contact us so we can match you with a local supermarket that would carry the product you’re looking for. However, it’s always helpful for you to speak to your store Bakery Manager so they can understand your needs as well.

I can’t find you at my supermarket anymore! Help!

Sorry to hear the product you prefer is no longer available at your local retailer. We’d love for you to contact us so we can find another local supermarket in the interim while we work with your current retailer to get our product back on their shelves. It’s always helpful for you to speak to the Bakery Manager or staff in your store so they can understand your needs as well.

I’m opening a restaurant or food business and would love to carry and use your product. How can I find a supplier in my region?

Wonderful! We always love to work with new partners. Our coverage is varied in every region, so the best way to get exactly what you need for your business would be to contact us and send us as much information as possible regarding your needs, product interest and forecasted volumes, and we will direct your request to the representative that manages sales in your area.

I love your bread! Where can I find recipes that use your breads?

We are always innovating and creating new delicious recipes in our test kitchen for our wholesale customers and food service partners. You can find some of our recipes on our Instagram (@boulartbread). Do not hesitate to send us your recipe ideas as well.

Where can I buy Boulart bread?

Whether you are a distributor or a bread lover looking to purchase our delicious products don’t hesitate to reach out at