Boulart is Honoured with 3 FABI Awards!

May 2017

This year our ability to innovate was again recognized by the FABI Awards by a panel of independent judges from the food service industry. Our Original Flat Sandwich Bun, our individually-wrapped Ciabatta Bites and our Olive Oil & Fine Herb Focaccia have all been honoured as Innovative New Products of the year. These awards reward the efforts of all our employees, who constantly go above and beyond to innovate and bring new products to our customers.

Boulart is Launching the Focaccia

June 2016

In an effort to import even more variety to our already extensive collection of breads, Boulart has introduced its own spin on the Italian classic, the Focaccia. It brings the ultimate mix of soft crumb and crisp crust to the table. So save yourself a trip across the pond and get a taste of Italy in your own backyard.

Boulart wins FABI Award with its Small Bites

March 2016

It's always nice to get recognition from a jury of your peers and that's why we are proud to accept a 2016 FABI award for Innovative New Product for Boulart's Ciabatta bites. We take great pride in our ability to innovate, so this award is particularly rewarding for our staff. These bite-sized snacks are available in a variety of flavours and are the perfect way to complement any meal. For those who aren't familiar, the Food And Beverage Industry Awards are run by the NRA (National Restaurant Association) and judged by a panel of independent judges that come from the food service industry.

Vegan Bread from Boulart

February 2016

Boulart is Vegan friendly. So to all of our Vegan bread lovers out there, fear not, we've got a wide range of vegan friendly breads that are perfect for you.

Boulart is Launching the Small Artisan Burger bun

February 2016

We're always expanding on our delicious line of breads. This burger bun now comes in a new smaller size. Sliced, with less crumb, these breads are lighter than our Classic Artisan burger. This mighty bun proves that tiny can still mean tasty.

Boulart is Launching the Thin Sandwich bun

February 2016

This thinly sliced bun has holding power that's ideal for toppings and spreads, making it the ultimate grilled bun for hot or cold sandwiches.

Boulart is Organic Certified

January 2016

One of our production lines is certified by Ecocert Canada, which means Boulart now has the capacity to produce USDA organic certified breads.

Boulart is Launching the Demi-Tradition baguette

November 2015

A big twist on a delicious classic - our demi-baguette tradition is perfect for creating the biggest and best sandwiches.

Boulart Wins Bakery of the Year

September 2015

We are proud to announce that Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine has named Boulart bakery of the year for 2015. None of this would have been possible without the help of our dedicated staff and also the amazing people that enjoy our breads on a daily basis. It is our hope to continue to bring the taste of our delicious breads to more and more people each year.

Non-GMO Breads

May 2015

Boulart has always considered itself ahead of the curve when it comes to making artisanal bread. Not only is our state of the art machinery one of a kind in the bread business, but we are also pleased to be the first industrial made artisanal bread to offer a full line of NON-GMO breads. Some say it’s hard work, but when you love what you do, it's really just our pleasure.